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The secret tactical guide to becoming the greatest dad in the world




Mission Statement :

Hello everyone, and welcome to Dad Tactics. I looked around one day after my divorce, reevaluated my life, and discovered that I lacked the resources to handle any child care issues that might arise suddenly. If the single babysitter at my disposal were to call in sick; if something work-related came up that involved travel; if one of my kids got sick at school and had to be sent home for the day, I was stuck. My options, if they existed, were minimal. A friend of mine, as well as a mutual acquaintance of ours, were watching football one Sunday when it occurred to me that a support group for men like us—single Dads—that could benefit from advice, tips, and resources, might prove valuable to a great many Dads around the world. My idea fell on deaf ears, but it did little to quell my creative passions for launching this project.

So here we are at Dad Tactics! Please enjoy what the site has to offer. We will be posting many things to help ease the stress that single parenthood brings—things such as quick and healthy Kid-friendly meals for the busy single parent, tips on how to address age-appropriate issues with your children, and most importantly, a myriad of activities, crafts, and games to grow quality experiences with your cherished little ones. We will eventually have a “gear” section that outlines the effectiveness of products for our children as well—everything from bottles, and sippy cups to car seats, and diaper bags.

Browse the site’s features—and please don’t hesitate to contribute. We welcome everyone’s input, as well as their tricks, tips, and shortcuts for everything that might involve their children. Let’s face it: the goal here is community—a community for any parent that might need some help, or need some tips, to visit and participate for the sole purpose of minimizing your stress, and maximizing the quality of your children’s lives. If our site lacks something; if you have questions, comments, or advice; if you need support for any reason, visit our forum and see what we have to offer. Please keep in mind that despite the fact that this endeavor grew out of the needs of a single Dad, this website is available for everyone—male, female, single, or attached—that might feel the stress of not knowing what to do as a parent; that might not having enough resources at their disposal; that doesn’t know where to go to find the resources they need.

Warm Wishes,

Keith Hoyt