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The secret tactical guide to becoming the greatest dad in the world

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A Father Has to Be…

Posted by on 10-19-12

I Never Got Along…

Posted by on 10-13-12

To Be a Reader

Posted by on 9-25-12

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Baked Ziti

Posted by on 9-21-12

Kitchen Sink Lasagna

Posted by on 9-16-12

Fruity Fun Skewers

Posted by on 8-31-12

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Baked Ziti

Baked Ziti is a busy man’s best friend. The Secret… you can make it in one big batch, serve it hot and freeze the rest in smaller portions to reheat on those hectic days when you don’t have the...

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Badass Bjorn

Now you can carry you baby without looking like you just wandered off the hippie commune. this well thought out comfortable and efficient design lets your wee one travel with you anywhere you like while leaving...

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Dark Secrets Cooking Guide

Coming Soon… Dad Tactics : Dark Secrets Cooking Guide. The only Cookbook...

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Paper Airplanes

There are few things more amazing to a young child than seeing an ordinary...

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Bring on the learning revolution!

  Learning and education are more important than ever. The economy has...

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Emergency Fund

One things for sure, life will always bring the unexpected. Fortunately you can...

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Party Drinks

It’s the end of the summer time to throw a bash! Every Tactical Dad...

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